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Drinking Gin Tonic would cure your seasonal allergies?

France is slowly emerging from its deconfinement, life resumes its course and the terraces of the bistros are stormed to the delight of our bistros!

Yes but here we are, we are soon on June 21, the day of the summer solstice and therefore music festival. What promises to be the start of a festive period for our aperitif friends also coincides with the arrival of allergies and hay fever for hundreds of thousands of people.

So if you can't take the inhalations and antihistamines that your family doctor prescribed, TheGinAddict will give you THE natural 100% solution to avoid swollen eyes and a runny nose!


Indeed, according to Asthma UK, Gin would be a good way to soothe the symptoms of your hay fever, unlike wine and beer which contain a high level of histamines and sulphites. What is histamine? It is the molecule that acts as a natural chemical mediator in your body and is released when you have an allergic reaction.

Drinks with the least sulfites and histamines are therefore the ones you should choose if you want to continue sunny aperitifs. That's good, Gin is one of the spirits that contain the least. So if you decide to go after-work with your friends for a little aperitif on the terrace, be smart and favor a small Gin-Tonic rather than a pint of beer!

To be consumed in moderation of course ...