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Liters of GIN catch fire!


Dramatic accident Thursday March 4 on the A29 motorway. A heavy truck carrying 12,000 liters of Gin Beefeater caught fire. According to the first observations, the fire would have started at the level of the axle, before spreading to the trailer with a total load of more than 40 tons: it starts to make Gin!

The emergency services were then alerted a little after 5:30 am, the motorway had to be immediately cut off just after the Aumale toll gate. The firefighters immediately had the information of the nature of the cargo and apparently intervened in record time, certainly in order to save as many bottles of Gin as possible!

Unfortunately once there the blaze was already substantial, and the liters of Gin which flowed freely on the road kept stoking the fire.

Finally after several hours the fire was brought under control and even if no human injuries were deplored, all the cargo of Gin was destroyed by the flames.

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