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A Gin to save the Queen?

The madness of Gin continues to take hold of the world ... And although England already has a multitude of Gin, now it is the turn of Queen Elisabeth II to launch her own!

Indeed according to the Daily Mirror the crown now has its Official Gin. Produced from 12 carefully selected plants that come directly from the Buckingham garden, this Gin is infused with, among other things, lemon verbena, hawthorn berries, bay leaves and mulberry leaves.

We knew Queen Elisabeth II to be a great lover of Gin but would that be enough to push her to embark on a personal production à la Peaky Blinders?

In fact not really! Although some say she is a fan of the series, this Gin was launched following the great financial losses suffered by the “Royal Collection Trust” which manages and exhibits the great collection of Crown art. Due to the closure of its tourist sites during the Covid-19 crisis, it would be in the grip of financial difficulties. Sold in limited edition for £ 40, on their website the crown is no doubt hoping to raise some money to cover the finances!

The first "Batch" sold out in just eight hours after it went on sale, reports The Independent. The order for the second has already been launched and will soon be available for sale.

As for the bottle, transparent and turquoise, it is adorned with a crown and a ring of flowers intertwined in a golden decorative circle. On the back is a sketch of Buckingham Palace. The cap is also gold in color.

In the meantime, if you want to taste it two solutions only: you can register on the website of the Royal Collection Trust in order to be notified as soon as the product becomes available again or more simply to have Prince William and the sublime Kate invite you to the next official dinner. Indeed, the drink will now be served at future events that will take place at Buckingham Palace.