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Say "konnichiwa" to the Distiller's Cut 2020 edition of Monkey 47

Monkey 47 has just presented its Distiller's Cut 2020 edition: a very special distillate aged for six months in mizunara barrels.

Each year, a limited edition is offered, the result of botanical curiosity and a search for unique aromas. This year it coincides with the brand's 10th anniversary and is the completion of a two-year campaign to acquire the holy grail of aging barrels.

Gin? Mizunara barrels? The reasons are actually quite easy to understand. On his many travels, Alexander Stein, founder of Monkey 47, discovered the Japanese art of distillation, which involves using a particular type of oak for aging whiskey in barrels. Immediately intrigued by the history and tradition of these casks, he set out on a mission to procure his own mizunara casks. The result is the Distiller's Cut 2020 edition of Monkey 47, a dry, smooth and elegant gin with a refined note of sandalwood and a touch of coconut, which blend together to provide a supple sensory experience that will not please everyone. 'lovers of delicate vanilla aromas.

Cherry on the cake ?

So that everyone can have access to this already Collector's Edition, the most fashionable gin in the world goes on a road trip aboard the 86 Fleetwood Bounder made famous by one of the most popular TV series of all time… Breaking Bad

The Bounder will visit several spellbinding towns in Western Europe and 47 bottles of Distiller's Cut 2020 will be sold at every stopover !!! You just have to cross your fingers so that it passes near you ...

For a glimpse of life on the road, visit the Facebook group @ monkey47